Maker Bus Build Update


I can’t believe what we got done today. Richard Lushai arranged for 6 volunteers to help today. The progress was simply put, AMAZING!

We started with a win by Don, Several days ago we received good news from Simone, the oil leak wasn’t the front and rear main seal. It was in fact caused by a broken oil dip stick and a gasket on the transmition. This means that the huge metal frame strut that runs under the oil pan will not be a problem!


Simone took care of the dip stick a couple days ago and then today Don fixed the transmition pan. He found that most of the bolts were finger tight, when they should have been 10 foot lbs.

Then there were puppies:

Ok, that dog was unreasonably cute…

Angus took the seat that had arms on it and managed to get it off and fix the seats.

Turns out there is a way to remove the arms without cutting them off, but we only found that out with the use of a reciprocating saw 😦

I managed to get the battery box welded up and covered with wood


Then with the assistance of nick we got all the cabling done

using some recycled anderson connectors (The UPS never even saw it coming). Its all tied nicely in to the Bus bar.

Did I mention it was crowded?

This doesnt do it justice, there were 8 people at this point on the bus.


Then, going to this:
From this:

was such a huge victory!

I have to say, seeing that counter top (even if just sitting loose) in place was such a huge relief! Tomorrow it should be locked down.

And then!

Here is the current list:

Tasks List: Who
DONE Modify light fixtures, possibly build new ones build slide for side door
DONE New spark plugs and wires
DONE Leaking oil gasket repaired
DONE Oil Change Don
DONE Trani Pan – Gasket
80% Trani Pan – Cleanup and fluid top up
DONE Solar panels mounted
DONE Mount charge controller
DONE mount 2000w inverter
DONE Cables routed to charge controller
DONE Heavy power cables to back sorted out
DONE Interior Lighting installed
90% 12v power installed at workstations Justin Paul Richard
DONE Shore Power box installation
DONE 80% – Wire in shore power
90% Batteries installed Paul
50% Stereo installed Angus
DONE External Flood lights
DONE Mount MakerBus Bar”
DONE Tie in to electrical box
DONE Build “Maker Bus” Bar
Tech added to bus to make it kick ass – Open ended.
Install Alarm system
Install Dash Camera Richard
Hide bench legs
Flooring cleaned
Storage created
Maker Decorations
80% Front closed up and PC installed Angus Nick
DONE Seats swapped out
laser cut Window covers
80% Finish counters Romus Jim
Buy stools
Install Stools
Wire in workstation power connections Justin Paul
DONE Install workstation power connections
Replace broken front passanger side glass
Replace Windshield
Decals – body wrap and sponsors – Being done professionally
DONE Panels around air conditioner closed Ming
Strapping above main bus door Jim
DONE Fix back and side door locks
20% Rebuild Step
Replace Door glass
DONE Rebuild bus and cut off the bottom of the door to remove rust
DONE Powder coat the doors (Front Passanger side)
Calk the roof holes
Seal old floor holes (Chairs, Benches, etc…) and New (Power runs etc…)
Sponsors on website
Add bus info to website
Install equipment
Completion Calibration

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