The Maker Bus


Hello, Welcome to the Maker Bus website. Let me explain the point of the maker bus. The Maker Bus is a mobile maker space. A Maker Space is an environment that is meant to inspire creativity by encouraging co-operation and exposing youth to the tools that they would not otherwise have access too. Then, teach them how to use the tools and just watch what happens. Simply put, its amazing.

The bus is a mobile platform that brings this experience. We are excited to also now consider the possibility of bringing this bus to artists and see what happens when the right tools are available.

Some tools the bus brings; 3D Printer, Lathe, CNC Mill, Welder, Air Compressor, Soldering irons, and much much more.

Some Projects that we offer; Learn to solder workshop, Robot building workshops, Welding workshops, and a several others.

The bus is here to help people understand what they can make. Climb aboard the maker movement, and check out your local makerspace.

These are some maker spaces we have visited:

Calgary –

Edmonton –

Kamloops –

Omaha –

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